Frequently Asked Questions

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How should I care for my lenses?

Protect your investment! Proper care and cleaning will help maintain the life of your eyeglasses. Used daily, our Sears Optical Lens Cleaner and cloth are safe for all lens types; they make it easy to keep your lenses clean. In addition, you will prolong the life of your lenses if you wash them with warm soapy water once or twice a month. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly and use a soft lens cloth or non-lint cloth to dry. Never clean your glasses with a dry cloth or abrasive cleaning products. Store your glasses in a clean dry place, away from potential damage, and never set them aside with the lens side down!

We recommend our pre-moistened towelettes for your convenience. Visit a Sears Optical near you for a free sample.

Do I need an eye exam to wear contacts?

Yes, before you purchase contacts you must be examined by a Doctor of Optometry or Ophthalmologist. Measurements of the eye and external eye health must be determined.

Can I purchase eyeglasses even if I don't need a prescription?

Absolutely! Not only is eyewear functional, it's a fashion accessory that can be worn to complete an outfit. You can change your look or make a dramatic fashion statement with our stylish designer frames. At Sears Optical, you can choose from hundreds of frames and many designer brands.

My eyes are bothered by glare, especially while driving at night. What can I do?

To eliminate glare while driving and in various lighting conditions, an anti-reflective lens will help reduce reflection, decrease halos around light, and improve cosmetic appearance. We strongly recommend anti-reflective to all our customers. Your eyes will look and see better!

Do tinted lenses offer protection from the sun?

Sometimes a light or dark tint of color on an eyeglass lens can be beneficial to aid in vision. Tinted lenses reduce visible light but they offer no UV protection from the sun. For sun protection, you need lenses that include tint and UV protection. Polarized lenses will offer you the greatest protection from the sun's harmful UV rays and reduce reflective glare.

Can I purchase non-prescription sunglasses at Sears Optical?

We offer a wide array of fashionable non-prescription sunglasses for all our customers. Adults and children should wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Polarized lenses work particularly well to help shield your eyes from reflections off water, snow or shiny objects. For those who drive a car or work and play in the sun, there are no better lenses than polarized!

What can I expect during a typical eye exam?

Eye exams are available from licensed Independent Doctors of Optometry located next to or near Sears Optical. During the exam you will be tested for visual acuity and general eye health. The doctor will check for signs of cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. An examination can also reveal other health problems, including diabetes or high blood pressure.

In children, a routine eye exam consists of tests for near and distance vision; peripheral vision; eye/hand coordination; the ability to use both eyes together; and the ability of the eyes to move smoothly across a page and shift quickly and accurately from one object to another - all critical for a child learning to read.

How can I cancel my Eye Exam?

We can help you cancel an eye exam appointment from an Independent Doctor of Optometry at or next to Sears Optical in most states by calling 1-877-525-8989 or find your local store online to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

What does an eye exam cost?

Each Independent Doctor of Optometry* located at or next to Sears Optical sets their own pricing for exams and other services. For detailed pricing information, please call or visit the Doctor’s office at your local Sears Optical store, or visit our Exam Scheduler. You can also use the Find a Store locator.